Balloon World (working title) is a procedurally generated space. The player navigates the space with a balloon animal and inflates the other balloons until they pop. There is no objective to the game. The world is a space with no consequences. Even though balloons are destroyed, another balloon is generated in its place. The world is a commentary on the disposable and replaceable nature of our society. The player should feel a temporary sense of guilt for popping the balloons, but then instant relief when another balloon is generated.

I began the project by experimenting with procedural terrain generation. I then used the instantiate function in unity to generate spheres. The most difficult part of the process for me was the 3D modeling in Maya. I had originally wanted to make 10+ balloon models, but after hours spent on one model realized this was not possible. Another difficulty I had was with procedurally generating the sound. Right now, the inflate sound only works on the second generation of instantiated balloons.

I was very inspired by 10 print for this project. Procedural generation was an integral part to my concept. It was important that the world felt very random, and inconsequential. While I didn't use the 10 print code exactly, the same principles apply to the instantiation code I used within the world. Basic probability and the random function made the world feel slightly less uniform and a bit more chaotic.

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